Pitch Guard™

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"I can most definitely recommend the Pitch Guard, a complete game changer for a novice through to an experienced piper."
Chic Mackie - retired piper of the Black Watch 1st Battalion Royal Highlanders

Introducing the Pitch Guard™. This ingenious, patent pending device will totally prevent a bagpiper over blowing a chanter reed. When adjusted correctly, no amount of blowing will cause the pitch of the chanter to rise. Especially on the top hand notes.

Additionally, the Pitch Guard™ will act as a pipe chanter cut off valve. No need to take the chanter out and place a cork in the stock to play the drones on their own. Just turn the lever until the valve is completely closed and the chanter won’t make a sound. The shut off valve also creates an internal chanter cap. Shut off completely between sets to keep the chanter stable. 

The Pitch Guard™ regulates the air pressure to the chanter reed and can be retro-fitted to any chanter stock. Fully adjustable from 20-45 inches of water. Allows for great attacks for pipe bands. Imagine that introduction E being in tune every time. Amazing! Truly Amazing!  Read some customer comments

The Pitch Guard™ requires a bit more air. When fitted your reed will gauge about 2 inches H20 stronger. The beauty of the Pitch Guard™ is that you can play a much easier reed knowing you can’t overblow it no matter what you do. The amazing Pitch Guard™ allows you to relax into your tunes and gives you space to concentrate on timing, fingering and music.  Yes indeed the Pitch Guard™, created by Chris Apps, is the most useful invention for the bagpipes we have seen in decades.

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 Video guides

Demonstration by Chris Apps

Guide to installation

Making an airtight seal

Tune your drones to the chanter using the Pitch Guard™

Control pitch with the Pitch Guard™