Chris Apps Ridge-Cut Chanter Reed - **New 2019 Design**

$ 18.00

You will not contract the Coronavirus from an Apps reed

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Watch Chris play Cabar Feidh with this 2019 design ridge-cut chanter reed  - medium/soft strength set at 28 inches of water.

Chris has recently made some subtle changes to the design of the Apps Ridge-cut chanter reed to great effect. This new 2019 design is hand crafted with ease of playing in mind. Chris has lowered the shoulder which allows for greater vibrancy and less resistance. The reed produces a bright, full high G, ringing high A and a big powerful tone. Chris continues to use a folded brass staple which adds to the brightness of the reed and is key to the perfect piobaireachd high G.

By lowering the shoulder Chris has made it easier to adjust the strength of the ridge-cut. The reed is now available in a soft strength. Chris is also able to adjust these reeds to an exact strength - a service that was previously only available with the straight cut reeds.

This chanter reed works well in all the common brands of band chanter. Chris is working solo and makes all Apps reeds by hand from start to finish. Each reed is tested in a chanter before being dispatched. Quality is guaranteed.

Notes about strength can be left in the comments section upon ordering.

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**please note that orders may take up to 8 weeks to fill depending on the time of year. You can request an ETA when ordering.