Pitch Guard™

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"I can most definitely recommend the Pitch Guard, a complete game changer for a novice through to an experienced piper."
Chic Mackie - retired piper of the Black Watch 1st Battalion Royal Highlanders

Introducing the Pitch Guard™. The ingenious, patent pending device with three main functions.

  • Guard against overblowing
  • Chanter cut off valve
  • Internal reed cap

The Pitch Guard™ regulates the air pressure to the chanter reed and is not a gadget or a toy.  It can be retro-fitted to any chanter stock** and is fully adjustable from 20-45 inches of water.

When the Pitch Guard™ is adjusted correctly, no amount of usual* over blowing will cause the pitch of the chanter to rise. Especially on the top hand notes. This allows for great attacks for pipe bands. Imagine that introduction E being in tune every time. Will also stop players reacting to changes in the pipers around them. Trying to "split the difference".

The Pitch Guard™ has a pipe chanter cut off valve. No need to take the chanter out and place a cork in the stock to play the drones on their own. Just turn the lever until the valve is completely closed and the chanter won’t make a sound. Very useful for tuning the drones - see video

The cut off will help students who need a bit of practice marching without playing. The Pitch Guard™ also allows those with reduced lung capacity to participate in performances as they can turn the chanter off whenever they need a rest – even in the middle of a parade.

The Pitch Guard™ makes a wonderful internal reed cap. Shut off completely between sets to encase the reed in warmth and moisture. This will aid in keeping the chanter stable for longer during breaks in play. It will also reduce the possibility of the chanter reed being damaged when removed/replaced.  

Amazing! Truly Amazing!  Read some customer comments

The Pitch Guard™ requires a bit more air. When fitted your reed will gauge about 2 inches H20 stronger. The beauty of the Pitch Guard™ is that you can play a much easier reed knowing you can’t overblow it no matter what you do. The amazing Pitch Guard™ allows you to relax into your tunes and gives you space to concentrate on timing, fingering and music. 

It’s also a wonderful teaching aid and will allow pipers who struggle with blowing to still be active players. Yes indeed the Pitch Guard™, created by Chris Apps, is the most useful invention for the bagpipes we have seen in decades.

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 Video guides

Demonstration by Chris Apps

Guide to installation

Making an airtight seal

Tune your drones to the chanter using the Pitch Guard™

Control pitch with the Pitch Guard™

reparing for a gig with Pitch Guard™

*If you take a deep breath and blow as hard as you can you will blow through the Pitch Guard™
**The Pitch Guard™ is difficult, but not impossible, to fit in a hide bag