McCallum P1 Poly Bagpipes with Alloy - Second hand

$ 500.00

This set was purchased by Chris during the pandemic and was used for experimental purposes. He played them maybe 3 times. The condition is excellent with just a few small blemishes. They play beautifully.

McCallum P1 Poly bagpipes have quality aluminum alloy mounts to add shine and contrast. The alloy mounts have beaded edges and other details for a polished look. The metal alloy resists tarnish and is not plated. Made from black acetyl plastic, this set is extremely durable and easy to maintain, and it can hold up to all sorts of use and weather. Comes with a McCallum Poly pipe chanter. Made in Scotland. Purchase just the sticks or add accessories to build a complete set.  To have Chris get them together and 'ready to play right out of the box' add $75. 

*there may be some additional shipping charges