Killer Apps - Piper & Drummer review of the Apps bagpipe chanter

This review of the Apps Pipe Chanter was published on the Pipes|Drums website on
Feb. 27, 2009. The reviewer, Andrew Bonar is one of North America's premier solo pipers and a long-time member of the World Champion Simon Fraser University Piper Band. What follows are some selected quotes from the review.

The top-hand was strong, especially the high G and high A.

I was very impressed with the quality of the bottom-hand notes on both chanters. The bottom-hand notes complement the top-hand well.

... I found both Apps chanters to have very good balance.. The top-hand notes were stable when played at a pitch that the chanter was designed to be played and the bottom-hand notes sweet. I feel with many chanters that the bottom-hand volume overpowers the top-hand, but I did not get that impression with either of the Apps chanters.

The Delrin chanter that I tested has a threaded reed seat... The threaded reed seat keeps the reed very secure in the chanter and makes minor pitch adjustments to the reed easier. In a band setting, the ability to make minor pitch adjustments using just a simple turn of the reed saves so much time and increases the likelihood of producing a better band sound.

The workmanship is very good.

The look of the chanter is pleasing.

The quality of the sound is impressive.

I plan to continue to play the Apps chanter...