Apps Cane Practice Chanter Reed

$ 40.00

The only place to get a cane practice chanter reed

Pipers around the world are discovering the secret of the cane practice chanter reed. A blend of new technology and traditional material. The Apps cane practice reed has a full rich woody sound that only traditional cane can produce. Your practice chanter will sound more like an orchestral instrument. 

Similar in size and shape to the Apps smallpipe reed, the cane practice chanter reed is finished with a copper bridle that sets the pitch, blowing strength and mouth size. The pitch is the same as most plastic practice chanter reeds and blows with the same resistance. The difference is the cane practice reed is designed to be played fully saturated with water. This means you can play pretty much all day without needing to dry out the chanter and reed.

The cost is higher as they are both difficult and time consuming to make. Treated correctly, the reed can last for a very long time. Worth every penny.

Read "Care of Cane Practice Chanter Reeds" - The reed will not work if these instructions are not followed!

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"Never adjusted one of these myself before, but found your YouTube video on the subject and successfully got it set. Thanks!"

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