Customer Comments


Custom made reeds arrived today - perfectly copies of the 100 year old originals. Remarkable!

Thanks again,



Hello Chris,

Last September I had the pleasure of meeting Les and Martin Cowles at their shop in Somerset.  I had purchased a set of Naill pipes in 2015 and took the opportunity to visit the source while on holiday in the West Country. When I mentioned that I used one of your wet play cane reeds in my practice chanter Les was very complementary of you and suggested that I use your reeds in my solo chanter.



I received my new chanter reeds Saturday and they were everything I had hoped for.
I greatly prefer your practice chanter reeds and the new pipe chanter reeds are excellent, as I expected. My Nail black wood chanter  is happy now, ( new pipes and new to piping so very appreciative of a friendly reed).
The fast service was a pleasant experience, I did not think they would get here so soon, but very glade they did since the reeds are making the piping practice enjoyable.


Good received. And  As usual top quality.......Thanks.



I played with the new reeds last night.  One word:  FANTASTIC!
I am only a beginning level piper who's played off and on for about four
years now.  But these are the best reeds I've ever played, I could not
believe the difference they made.  So smooth and predictable and just a joy
to hear.  Thank you so much!


Dear Chris,

I don’t want to keep you long from your work, but I wanted to share that despite being relatively new to the piping realm I have thus far spent a great deal of time in study and research in this rich genre and have discovered that you are the only individual I can find that offers cane practice chanter reeds. I admire your distinct commitment to tradition and to an age old craft. Thank you for keeping the torch burning and for offering cane reeds to a world of pipers.

In addition, I cannot find an ill word spoken or written about Apps reeds.


Just wanted to say thanks again.  I needed to work on some reeds, so I first pulled out your book on reed adjustment and read through it again.  Your book has saved me time and expense time and time again !! 


I am thrilled with these reeds.. it makes practicing a bit more than just ... well.. practicing.

Thank you very much.


Your help with balancing my chanter was a tremedous help and I really appreciated your energy and passion for the whole process of reed making/fixing.


Morning Chris,

The reeds arrived on Friday and Kev is delighted with them....said they were well worth the wait.


 Hi Chris
just to say I received my 2 reeds today, thanks! I asked for the soft side of medium on a G4 reed - what can I say, it is just perfect - how do you do it!!!
Even my wife said the pipes sounded good tonight!


 It sounds great and I am so happy to finally have an 'Apps' reed!  Thank you so much! 


 I’ve tried a lot of reeds and these are best by a long shot!


Thanks for making great reeds. It makes playing and practicing fun. Sometimes the sounds are so ,,,, it's hard to describe. I just don't want to stop playing.


Thank you so much.  I have tried them and they are beauties.  Apps reeds are the best I have ever used!


At last I have some reeds that make these pipes playable!   You’ve arrived at a good specification that is quite different than the other reeds I have had.  You must have spent a lot of time experimenting to get this right. I was getting to the point of selling these pipes finding them almost unplayble.  I’ve been through a lot of different reeds to get here, so many thanks again. 


Just want to let you know i received my reeds today. I wanna thank you and Chris again for the service and quality of craftmanship.


I just put yur reed in my chanter and I dont want to put it down! It has the perfect amount of crow that I was looking for and the chanter is almost in perfect tune. Thanks for the great work.



Just a quick message to say how impressed I am with a reed of yours received this morning in Dublin. Really impressive to have both a balanced and incredibly easy to blow reed. Anyway I like it so much more than the band stock I normally play that I've just placed another order for two.


 Hello, again, Chris,

I just put one of your new reeds into my chanter, and the best comparison I can make is that it's like opening a fresh, new bag of loose tea after working on the old one for months!  Wonderful sound, and the strength is perfect.  Thank you once again, and I will be back for more.


I just received one of your cane practice chanter reeds and I love the outstanding quality and sound.  Another fine reed that is an absolute pleasure to play.  Thanks.


I have been playing the new cane practice chanter reed, and I find that it is truly nice. It's really convenient that it actually likes to be wet, so it makes it easier to practice even longer.

And for kicks, I tried the cane reed on an inferior practice chanter, that somebody gave to me as a gift. The cane reed even makes an inferior practice chanter a pleasure to play.

So, again, thank you.