Customer Comments on the Pitch Guard™

It's early days yet but here are a few comments about the Pitch Guard™


Hi Roxelyn & Chris,

Just letting you know the Pitch Guard arrived today, very neatly packaged - thank you.

I have installed it in my Ross bag on my McCallums. It was easy to assemble, slightly difficult to fit in the neck of the Ross bag, olive oil and a far bit of effort required, but it works exactly as it should. 

Kind regard

Tim S


It does work. After my pal tested it we tested it together at band practice. It does work! 

Don M


Like many of us, my pressure can vary. Get nervous? Blow harder! So my E and High a could creep up, and the Piob High G could wobble. But with the PitchGuard in and adjusted, I am far less likely to push the chanter higher. Nice product!

Mark W


Hi Chris within our band we do have pipers that over low easy reeds gggrrrrrr!

As such your Pitch Guard product would seem to resolve this. 

Also for myself I sometimes play a very easy synthetic pipe chanter reed which is incredibly easy, however true to pitch. This reed set up I use for my indoor practices keeps the volume down for the neighbours lol. So looking forward to trying out your pitchguard.

Charles M.


Wow. Chris! This is such a scientifically brilliant idea. Usually I'm pretty skeptical of "tone gadgets". This isn't a gadget. It took me a minute to sort out what this thing is doing. From physics standpoint, it's absolutely brilliant and will work. Assuming I can find the equilibrium of it.

John H



I received your Pitch Guard in the mail today. Here are my thoughts

-my stock has no notch. I at first assumed that I would have to carve a notch, and rummaged around for a rat tail file to do the dirty deed. But, it occured to me to try the fit first. And to my pleasure, when fitted in place in the stock, the lever does not touch the stock, so I did not bother to make a notch for it to fit in....

-getting the hemp on was a bit of a pain, since the lever gets in the way; but only a very minor issue. I don't see any way around that. Just a minor nuisance, not a real problem.

-when placing the new O ring on, one needs to take care that the notch in the O ring faces outward. My tendency, of course, was to roll the O ring down into place, and then the notch faced straight upward. So I simply coaxed the whole thing around until the notch faced outwards.  

-Obviously, the stock has to be put back into the bag from the outside in; not from the inside out, as the lever gets in the way of the neck of the bag.

-Finding the right adjustment will take some practice. At first I was having a hell of a time getting the chanter to sing. I put it on the manometer, and lo and behold, the chanter did not come in until I got up to 40 inches. That was mighty discouraging, until--duh--I realized I had it almost closed rather than open. 

So I backed it the other way and got things going. 

Clearly, a Grade 2 or above piper will have no issues with comprehending from the instructions what to do and what tweaks are required. I think the directions could be a bit friendlier to grade 3 and 4 type readers. Can you anticipate where we might have anxieties? Worries? Confusion? Offer some reassuring guidance. 


(please note the many instructional videos now available here)