Reed Pressure Gauge

$ 110.00


"I love this Pressure Gauge!!!  I know it is going to solve so many problems for me and streamline my reed selection process.


The bagpipe reed pressure gauge will allow you to find your ideal reed strength. This gauge slips over the end of your pipe chanter. Just blow through it to make the reed sound and take a reading from the dial. Measurements in inches of water. The reading can then be used to order reeds to fit your exact needs. A great tool for bands! Take a measurement of all band members and order reeds set for each.

See Chris using a gauge in this video

The gauge can be of use even if it is not purchased by you. Chris can set Apps straight-cut chanter reeds to exact strengths. Choose a setting from the strength table and he will send an Apps straight-cut chanter reed set to that strength. The next time you order a straight-cut chanter reed you can ask for the same strength or something slightly different.


"Chris, I'm a believer! Reeds can be 'plug and play'."

"I've been having fun with the pressure gauge. A lady who was used to struggling in the band thought there was something wrong. Another fellow who had always tried to play too strong got to experience decent tone for the first time."

"Just wanted to let you know that the band order has arrived in Ct. safely. Looking forward to passing them out to band members. Tried several from each packet and found that they were all dead on with the meter. Don't know how your do it, but please continue your magic. Looking forward to doing business with you."