Chris Apps Ridge-Cut Chanter Reed

$ 18.00


Now available in soft/easy

The Apps ridge-cut chanter reed is constructed with the same attention to detail as the straight-cut reed and has a folded brass staple. The reed is prepared with state of the art modern machinery and hand finished by Chris Apps. The combination guarantees consistency and quality.

The folded brass staple ensures each reed has a powerful, stable top hand and projects plenty of volume. The staple is also key to the perfect piobaireachd high G.

The ridge-cut reed is more forgiving than a straight-cut reed with pitches versus pressure making band setup easier. This reed produces a very crisp bright tone throughout the scale and a clear strong high A without a heavy crow. It works well in all the common brands of band chanter.

**please note that orders may take up to 8 weeks to fill depending on the time of year. You can request an ETA when ordering.


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